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Your advertising budget is finite, so you have some careful decisions to make about where to place your investment. Consider the following:Radio ads last about thirty seconds provided the consumer doesn’t have satellite radio, which comes equipped in most new cars.TV commercials take up to one minute of the prospective consumer’s attention; however, more and more consumers are now using DVRS and TIVO.Newspapers are thrown away daily and nationwide readership is on the decline.But glossy, colorful magazines get saved, are read again and again by multiple people per household and are often placed on coffee tables and office lobbies as a visual display as well as light reading. When an article catches the interest of the reader, he or she may keep the magazine for years – and with editorial content tailored to the Springfield area, featuring notable people, places and events, residents are sure to have their interest caught by our magazine.

Magazines are proven to be a good vehicle for advertising. Consumers find magazine ads less invasive and more involving than ads on television, radio or the Internet. Why annoy potential customers with loud commercials or intrusive Internet pop-ups when you can engage them with an ad that catches the eye and creates an impression that isn’t frustration? (Source: Roper Public Affairs, Dynamic Logic)

Accepted formats are eps, jpg, tif, pdf, psd, InDesign, and Illustrator.

Issue Space Close Material Deadline On Sale/Shelf
Jan/Feb 15 December 5 December 12 January 14
March/April 15 February 6 February 13 March 13
May/June 15 April 3 April 10 May 14
July/Aug 15 June 5 June 12 July 15
Sept/Oct 15 August 5 August 12 September 14
Nov/Dec 15 October 45 October 12 November 13

On Sale/Shelf Date is only an estimated date.



5000 copies of Springfield Scene Magazine are published with each issue.

4600 copies are mailed to our target demographic of households in the $90,000 to $500,000 annual household income and our subscribers.  The remaining copies are distributed for marketing purposes at locations in downtown Springfield.

You can buy a copy for $5 at our office located in the AGT Building – 1315 W. Lawrence Ave., Springfield, IL 62704  as well as The Blue Door at Iles and Koke Mill behind Family Video and the Corkscrew on Chatham Rd.

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